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Win a Party Platter for your Bruins Party

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Win a Party Platter for your Bruins Party

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Its that time of the year again, the Bruins are making another run at Lord Stanley’s cup and we are  all getting together to watch and cheer them on. Sauce wants to help, we are running a contest this week and the winner will get a $50 wing platter for their next Bruins party.

You can see all the platters we offer here and it’s easy and Free to Enter:

Sauce the NHL Playoffs

In any event thanks for making this such a great year at Sauce and #LETSGOBRUINS!!!


April Burger and Sauce of the Month

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This month we get back to our American roots with our Burger of the Month special, we top our Sauce burger with 4oz of Prime Rib dipped in Au Jus, swiss cheese, caramelized onions, sauteed mushrooms, and horseradish mayo.

Meet the Optimus Prime Rib Burger



We salute the start of Red Sox season with our newest special sauce. This month’s sauce is made of house fermented green jalapenos, lemongrass, lime zest, ginger, cilantro, and honey. The resulting sauce has a fresh green color and the spicy mouthfeel of jalapenos with the sweetness of honey. Those two main sauce components are highlighted by the citrus notes of the lime and lemongrass and accentuated by the background depth of the ginger. Its a must try for those that can handle some heat.

 April Sauce of the Month = The Green Monster



So whether you are getting excited for dinner, or getting friends together for the Final Four, we have new flavors of burger and sauce to try.

Its time to #getsauced…

Introducing the Kim Jong ILL burger

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Want some spicy, crunch, and crisp in your burger? Well we have something for you to try:

kim jong ill burger


Homemade kimchi, pepper jack, crispy wonton skins, and spicy Korean BBQ sauce. Here for a limited time. Goes great with newly available Yuengling Lager.

Introducing the Mac Daddy Burger

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Calling this burger ‘big’ would be such a disservice, after all, any other double decker burger I can think of that is called ‘big’ is actually kinda sad. (Win 1 Free Below)


We Put Our Heart and Soul into This Burger

This guy is pure love and devotion to the burger building craft, it is beefy with two 5oz patties grilled to perfection. Although these two were meant for each other one amazingly delightful thing got in the way: a brioche grilled cheese. Yes the middle bun is actually so much more, a delicious union of two pieces of brioche with melted american cheese in the middle. 

Topped with our own spiced up 10,000 island dressing, house made pickles, and some fresh onion, this is a double decker burger that we call the Mac Daddy. Its sure to change your perspective on what a double decker burger should be. 

We Are Giving Three Away This Week, Enter Here:

Mac Daddy Giveaway

order online

Feeding a Crowd? Get a Party Package

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 Here are your choices:

First and Ten – 50 Wings in your choice of two sauces $45

Second and Goal – 50 Ribs in your choice of two sauces $90

Third and Long – 15 Burgers choose two from our menu $90

The Flea Flicker – 30 wings and 20 boneless or vice versa in two sauces $50

The Hail Mary – 50 wings, 50 ribs, 15 burgers, big bag of fries $199

Call Us to Order 978-475-4811


We have a Winner! –> Win a Free Super Bowl Wing Platter

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We are running a contest to help you get your Super Bowl Party Sauced! Its easy to enter see below:

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The winner will get our Flea Flicker Platter, which consists of 30 wings, and 20 Boneless Wings in their choice of any two sauces.

See all our Party Packages Here

Have you seen our fun video?

The winner will get our Flea Flicker Platter, which consists of 30 wings, and 20 Boneless Wings in their choice of any two sauces. See all our Party Packages Here


Introducing the Bacon Mac and Cheese Burger

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Yes, we know, its a thing of beauty, a behemoth of unquestioned lavishness, and a vehicle of satisfaction that few outside our walls will ever experience. Lucky for you this limited time burger is here for the taking.

It’s a burger topped with a heavenly combination of lust worthy toppings, sauteed onions, an electric horseradish sauce, and a crispy slab of homemade bacon mac and cheese that never saw the inside of a box. Just the top of our grill to make it as crispy on the outside as it is luscious on the inside.



This baby is available for a limited time, so don’t miss your chance to #getsauced with our bacon mac and cheese burger. Only at Sauce.


Can you handle ‘A Woman Scorned?

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Off the menu, so ask for it, but we warned you.

NFL Playoff Party Packages

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Sauce Has You Covered for Your Next Party

Whether you are hosting friends or family for a NFL playoff get together, Sauce has you covered with packages of our party perfect food to feed your guests. 


We deliver from 5pm-10pm Mon-Sat and Noon-9pm on Sunday so you can relax with your friends and have us bring the food that will make them psyched to be at your house for the ball drop or the big game.

Online Ordering Available Here

Here are the Party Packages:

  • First and Ten: 50 Wings in your choice of two sauces $45
  • Second and Goal: 50 Ribs in your choice of two sauces $90
  • Third and Long: 15 Burger Platter – Choose Two Types $90
  • The Hail Mary: 50 Wings – 50 Ribs – 15 Burgers – Big Bag of Fries $199
  • The Flea Flicker: 30 wings – 20 Pieces Boneless (or vice versa) $50

Happy New Year From All of Us at Sauce!


Get Sauced with Two New Sauce Flavors

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El Dante’s Inferno

We took ghost chiles and grilled them with limes, and added garlic, shallots, gram masala, and cumin to make a fire hot sauce with tons of flavor. It’s the best of both worlds all wrapped up in one. The grilled limes bring a citrus note which is followed by a strong heat. 



Honey Lime Sauce-racha

We made a fermented thai chile pepper mash from scratch, then added sweet clover honey, and lime juice and zest to make a sweet and spicy homemade version of the famous sriracha hot sauce. This one is loaded with flavor and brings a manageable heat.



The holidays are a busy time, order for pickup of delivery and save time while you try out these homemade one of a kind sauces. Thanks for getting sauced!

ORDER ONLINE or at 978-475-4769