How You Can #GetSauced


Our Patio plus Two Dollar Beers. Done.

  Pretty Straight forward, five beers all $2 for the next two years. Bring an ID and $2 and have a beer. Questions?  Hot and thirsty? Grab $2 and come sit on our patio with […]

christos burger

The Christos Burger

Christos is our owner’s new son’s name. So yeah, he showed up 8 weeks ago and already has a burger named after him… pretty cool right!?! Anyway it is a beauty as Spiro told us […]


Have you Experienced the Optimus Prime Burger?

This month we are featuring a return star burger of the month, the Optimus Prime Rib Burger. Topped with a quarter pound of prime rib, swiss cheese, mushrooms, caramelized onions, and horseradish sauce this burger […]